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Our Recent Projects

Benz Metal Products has manufactured thousands of projects over the years covering a wide array of industries.  Below is a sampling of the variety of work done throughout years.

Short Run Productions


Many of our short run projects are one off projects.  Benz's facility is set up for prototype and short poduction runs. No matter the size of the project, all programs and prints are kept on file so that projects can be repeated cost effectively.

Highest in Quality


Much of the work done at Benz requires meeting high quality standards from industries like dairy, food, beverage, bottling, and printing.  Benz maintains the highest standards and will custom tailor a project to meet quality guidelines specific to a customer's needs.

Custom Designs


Benz's staff has decades of experience in metal fabrication enabling us to produce any custom design.  Benz uses a consultative approach with all customers, aided by the latest technology in design software, to ensure all or your designs and concepts become a reality.

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