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Benz Metal Products have multiple press brakes on-site with the capability of forming over 12 ft wide! In addition, we have the ability to make homemade dies allowing unique bends that are not industry standard.

Along with press brakes, Benz Metal also has the ability to roll flats in several rollers on site along with a bar and angle roller, ensuring all fabrication is done in house.


Our machining centers are set up for both short and long run production.  We have CNC lathes and mills as well as multiple types of manual machining equipment that allows us to get your machining jobs done efficiently.



Welding & Finishing

Benz Metal Products is proficient in Mig and Tig welding on Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Steel, and other metals.  Our welds are of the highest quality possible and are often used in the food, beverage, and dairy industry. 

Many projects require high end finishing and polishing that matches FDA and other standards.  Benz has a polishing department ensuring projects get the quality finish that often exceeds necessary standards as well as customer expectations.


Benz Metal Products, Inc. has several different cutting options in-house including: Laserjet, Waterjet, CNC Turret Punching, Shears, and Saws.

We are a custom job shop and have the ability to do everything in-house. That results in timely, on budget, and high quality results with exceptional customer satisfaction. 

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